Retaining long term interest in buildings is fundamental to Graystone’s ability to effectively manage tenant relationships and ensure the continued success of the business and technology precinct model. Investment and advisory company Stronghold Investment Services was established in 2013 as a vehicle to hold properties at completion.  Stronghold offers superior commercial property investment management and advisory services to a wide range of private and institutional investors, major corporations, private companies and government agencies.  As a specialised business park fund manager with over AUD $180m in A-grade assets under management, Stronghold has performed strongly across this specialised asset class, consistently achieving cash returns for investors of between 8.5%  and 11% per annum.

The company’s successful investment model allows wholesale investors to pool their equity to purchase larger properties that provide relatively higher, and stable returns.  When leveraged there is potential to further enhance these returns.

Commercial and industrial property investments generally offer different risk and return parameters in comparison to other investment options such as bank deposits and shares.  Stronghold seeks to minimise risk and maximise returns by applying expert knowledge and insights in the places we live and work.

Bruce Anderson
Bruce Anderson Head of Finance

Bruce is a highly experienced CPA and brings over 20 years’ commercial finance experience to Stronghold. Bruce is currently the CFO for the Graystone Group, and as Director and Company Secretary is responsible for financial reporting and company compliance for Stronghold. Bruce holds a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) through Queensland University of Technology, and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from Finsia.

Contact: 0403 056 103

Steve de Nys Head of Property and Advisory

With more than 25 years of transactional and advisory experience across the Eastern Seaboard, Steve has a network of relationships throughout the Australian commercial property industry. Steve holds a Bachelor of Business in Property (Valuation) from the University of South Australia, is a past Chair of The Property Council of Australia’s Queensland Industrial Committee and is a founding Director of The Suburban Alliance.

Stuart Small Business Development Manager

Stuart is a CPA qualified accountant with over 17 years professional experience in banking, finance and government sectors. His expertise includes interpreting and analysing financial statements, identifying key drivers of business performance and analysing market information. Stuart holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accountancy from Queensland University of Technology.

Stronghold Corporate Video

We provide quality Real Estate Investment Management and Advisory Services. With over 60 years combined experience our executive has a complementary skill set that is unmatched in the industry.